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Greetings fellow Sisters!

Some say change is scary – and with a very new association, it can become a complete nightmare. But we are not disheartened or afraid to change – we’re biker girls DAMNIT! We love challenges! As you will see, there have been some rather drastic changes to the group and the event. Please bare with us – we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to finalise and organise everything to  make the transition as smooth as possible for you, our sisters and loyal followers. 

If the boys can have a brotherhood – we can go one better - and what is better than a sisterhood?  SiBSA wants to create a platform to allow and promote all our sisters on bikes. Be it on the track, on  the road, offroad – and yes, even pillions (that takes balls!). Most of us do not have the confidence to ride in a big group of guys – so we want to give you the opportunity to ride with your sisters. Yes, we will have fun – and no, croqueting classes are not given...we just keep testosterone levels to a minimum.

What do we want to achieve?
We want to give you, our sisters the opportunity to ride together – mass rides for ladies – starting in Gauteng and moving out Nationwide. To give our ladies a chance to become associated with like-minded riders. To be able to support each other, regardless of badge, bike type and experience, it gives us ladies a change to nurture the future women on bikes in South Africa. The numbers of ladies rding bikes today is growing at a phenomenal rate – we want to allow each and every one of the racers, riders, pillions, an opportunity to stand up and say “Hell yeah – I am a Sister In Biking and I am damn proud of it”!

Although SiBSA is not a club – no do we aspire to become a club, we want our sisters to have a sense of belonging. We will be approaching the President’s Council for their acknowledgement of the group – but we are not going to become a club – but rather an association. For women, by women! Very much like the Hayabusa Association a badge, a mug, your own personalised sticker (with a number) and a arm band. The cost of the membership goes entirely to the production of the goods – there is No profit made. As long as you are a female biker / pillion you can join – get your number and ride with’re a female biker – you make history every day.

So....are you with us Ladies?